About us

Casa Elisa Spanish school in coastal Las Peñitas, Nicaragua was founded by Elisabeth Hofstad in 2011.
Elisabeth began her career as a teacher in Norway in 1983, teaching Spanish to high school-level students. Since then she has taught students of all ages including adult learners and fellow Spanish teachers who want increase their curricular capacity.
Elisabeth first came to Nicaragua in 2006 to teach Spanish grammar to Norwegian students in León, which she continues today. In 2007 she permanently relocated to Las Peñitas and in 2011 she founded Leonlingua, originally conceived of as a in-home Spanish lesson service.
However, when the construction of Casa Elisa was completed in 2012, Leonlingua moved in and became the brick and mortar establishment that it is today.
Elisabeth’s life’s passion and work has been and continues to be teaching the Spanish language to students of all levels, backgrounds, and cultures which is the driving force behind Leonlingua.
Our classrooms at Casa Elisa are well equipped with an exclusive internet connection, optional air conditioning, fans, and all necessary equipment like notebooks, and teaching materials is offerd at a fair price.

When not in class, you can take surf lessons and catch world-class waves on one of several beaches or visit León and drop by local bars and coffee shops or take in concerts and museum exhibitions. 

Casa Elisa is located 200 meters from the Las Peñitas beach. It is so quiet here you will hear the sound of the ocean when you wake up in the morning.  It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of a small village that has yet to be discovered by the tourist industry.

We only employ Nicaraguans and we cooperate with local volunteer organizations and other local persons for excursions and activities to contribute to the local economy and environment in the best possible way.