What to do in Las Peñitas and Nicaragua

Las Peñitas is a small fishing village where people have been depending on the natural resourses for  centuries. Idigenous people have a strong influence still on peoples life in general. 

Nicaragua is a tropical country with coastline to both oceans, The Caribian and The Pacific ocean.

What to do in Nicaragua

Learn or practice surf in the Pacific ocean.

There are several surfing schools in Las Peñitas.

Enjoy a safari into mangrove forrest natural reserve.
Isla Juan Venado

Climb volcanos.
Cerro Negro and Momotombo are the most popular volcanoes to visit.

Have a look!

Sea turtles laying eggs

In the turtle season you can watch sea-turtles go up on the beach at night to lay their eggs.

Nicaragua has two colonial cities. León and Granada. León is a short 20 minutes bus ride from the beach. It is a busy city with universities and shops.